Monday, June 6, 2016


Inheritance – Part 3 (Supernatural Help) 

Hi HIM family, this is my third session. The third communication regarding Inheritance. Looking again at Deuteronomy 4, God told them to obey Him as I shared in the last video. Now, I want to move on to supernatural help from God. 

God told them if you would be obedient to me, if you would follow what I told you to do, supernatural things would happen. God would give them say for example, as it is written there, supernatural wisdom. There would be people who are wiser than the nations around them. There would be people who are endowed with supernatural help from God. I want to share with us in this session therefore, while God says that we’re going to have the inheritance, while God says we’re going to be obedient, God also says that He will help us to be able to receive this inheritance.

For example, God gave Joshua supernatural strategies on how to take Jericho, it is like nothing that we have ever learnt or ever heard before. Who has ever heard of marching around the city to cause the wall to crumble? These are supernatural strategies. God gave them wisdom. God gave them a knowledge of warfare, or a knowledge of overcoming the enemies that they had never known before. You remember further on, in Deuteronomy when they encountered the Gibeonites, they did not consult the Lord and therefore, they were in a way fooled or deceived by the Gibeonites. So, I want to encourage us; God will help us supernaturally. God wants to give us wisdom, so that we will be able to see this inheritance being claimed by the Lord.

I want to say further in this aspect of supernatural, to claim our inheritance, continue to operate in the realm of the supernatural by depending on God. God wants to open up; it is supernatural wisdom, it is supernatural miracle, it is supernatural provision, it is supernatural highways that would be opened, it would be supernatural provisions that God wants to give to us. Believe for the supernatural to happen in your prayer, and in your ministry, in our churches, in our life group, in our pioneering, in our belief, that God is going to help us advance through the supernatural because He enables us to do it with the help of the supernatural. God does not expect us just to claim the inheritance by ourselves. He will help us. Amen.

Pastor Simon Eng
HIM President

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