Monday, June 27, 2016


Hope Bandung started from one good seed that desired to see her family fulfill this vision of the Great Commission together with her. This sincere and simple desire was what brought Vini to take the step to build Hope Bandung. Eleven years ago, she took the step and then started to share about God's vision faithfully. Since the first year, Hope Bandung has been blessed by Ps. Kwong Lie and Ps. Swee Min. They have really committed themselves to build us, to shepherd us, to care for us, and also to rebuke us when we are wrong. We have also been blessed by Hope Johor Bahru. They continue to be both an example and 'Big Sister' to us in this beautiful family of God. 

This year we celebrated 10 years of God's faithfulness in our journey thus fat. By faith, as a church, we chose the theme UNSTOPPABLE because we desire to be an unstoppable church that will continue to move forward to fulfill His Great Commission and be a blessing in Bandung, Indonesia, and all over the world.

Our celebration began with a video about the journey of Hope Bandung from the beginning. It reminded us of how everything started from just one seed that was willing to die to build God’s church. Then one by one, a new person came over the years and also made a commitment to help build His church in Bandung.

We then listened to two special testimonies. The first was from sister Vini. She shared about how things began and also how she experienced many adventures with God throughout the last 10 years. The second testimony was from another sister who shared how God had touched and changed her so that she could forgive people from her past who had once rejected her. In previous years, during our anniversary celebration, all of the leaders would represent the members to blow out a candle on a cake.

This year we did something different. Every person that was present held a candle. Starting with the leaders, we passed the fire to the person next to us as a symbol of how we are one team and together we have made one commitment to build Hope Bandung with our Unstoppable God. Our celebration ended with some fun activities that we appropriately named, UNSTOPPABLE GAMES. It was a series of games in which once you start, you must finish all of the games until the end to gain the reward. These games reminded every one that in this journey and calling there is NO TURNING BACK and we need to FINISH THE RACE.

May we be faithful together to finish this race until the end. Unstoppable!

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