Monday, April 4, 2016


Our theme for Easter 2016 is "From Tomb to Triumph". We started with Thai service in the early morning. There were 3 newcomers in the service. Pastor JR preached a heartfelt message on the Power of Easter. Many people were touched including the new visitors. 

During the English service, even more visitors joined us. We had a great time of praise and worship. Then, we did trivia learning on the facts of Easter, which reminded all of us about the price Jesus paid for us. Then, Ps JR shared a message on the Pathway to Victory.

After the services, we enjoyed lunch fellowship together. We have two traditions in our church; the annual egg decoration competition and the annual egg fighting competition. We have been doing this since the first year of our church. People like participating in these programs very much. It created a joyful family atmosphere. We thank God for His faithfulness over our church.

Warinda Bongkotmart, Hope Seattle

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