Monday, March 7, 2016


"Hope Manila celebrates the New Year by Starting Afresh with Jesus" 

The year 2015 had been such a blessed year for us all. The Lord had done many great and wonderful things and we believe that 2016 will be no exception. What better way to open the year than with thanksgiving and praises to our God? 

Opening with a rousing and Spirit-filled time of singing praises and worshipping the Lord, many gathered on January 3, 2016 to celebrate the New Year with thanksgiving and joyful expectation. The theme, “Start Afresh with Jesus” was very fitting given that many people viewed the new year as a chance to start over and perhaps have a clean slate. Many find solace in the thought of it, but often find themselves disappointed when they mess up and slip back into their old lives. Thankfully, Jesus is an expert at new beginnings and He is more than willing to give us this gift.

A dear brother, John Trocio, shared his wonderful testimony about how a year spent with the Lord is a year of miracles and transformation. He spoke of his experience of God’s guiding hand and provision as well as the fulfillment of His promises as he continued abiding in His Word.

The Lord spoke this message through Dr. Eunice Tan-Meesaengtham. We were all reminded of the importance of forgetting what lies behind, surrendering our past, present, and future into the Lord’s hands, as well as studying, meditating, and obeying His Word. At the end of it, many people responded to this message, I believe, because there are still things in the past, which held many people back and they have made the decision to truly start afresh with Jesus as 2016 begins.

It is still too early to tell what may happen in the months to come, but we believe that the Lord will most definitely be doing new great and wonderful things that we have yet to experience. With this in mind, how can we not be excited? A blessed 2016 to us all!

Czarina Ysabel Obligaçion Bernardo S

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