Monday, December 7, 2015


After so many blessed years of the Lord’s goodness and provision, Hope Philippines (Manila) celebrated its 18th anniversary following the theme for the year, “Walking in the Spirit.” This being the church’s 18th birthday, the people were dressed in their best semi-formal to formal attires to fit the idea of this being the “debut” of the church. 

A total of 310 people came during the event, 268 adults and 42 kids, nearly filling up the entire hall. The program began with morning worship and heart preparation, led by the festive and colorfully coordinated worship team, followed by a wonderful dance performance by the Impact Ministry before the worship team entered once again to lead the people into singing praises and adoration to the King. After all, it wasn’t just the 18 years of Hope Philippines that we were celebrating, but also the goodness and greatness of the Lord throughout those 18 long and blessed years.

A dear sister, Cherry Adato, also shared her testimony to the congregation, telling them all about how the Lord transformed a life of loneliness, lack of fulfillment, discontentment, addiction, and failed relationships to one filled with joy, peace, and restoration from the Lord!

Our dear Pastor Soradej Meesaengtham also delivered a message on the Precious Gift of the Father to His children. Many people who came that day heard of the extraordinary and personal love of the Lord for the first time and many responded to this message. It was a wonderful sight to see the space in front being occupied by people who are coming to know the Lord and are saying “yes” to His invitation to start an intimate relationship with Him.

After the service, lunch was served and games were conducted to cap the church’s 18th birthday celebration. It has been a long road but it is only through the Lord that we have made it this far. It is only by His grace and faithfulness that Hope Philippines Manila was able to celebrate 18 years of striving to fulfill the Great Commission and raising a community of believers growing together into the likeness of the Lord Jesus Christ. To God be the glory!

By Czariba Ysabel Obligacion Bernardo

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