Monday, November 2, 2015


On the 15th of August, 2015, Hope Taipei Church came together for the 19th annual camp. Almost a week earlier, Typhoon Soudelor had just left Taiwan in a wreck, but that did not dampen the spirit of the church. Almost 90 people attended this year's camp, including brothers and sisters from Hope Johor Bahru, Hope Muar, Hope Tokyo and Hope Shenyang from Mainland China. 

Beginning with lots of fun and games in the midst of warm fellowship, people's hearts were prepared for a night of intense worship and teaching. Pastor Kwong Lie from Hope Johor Bahru taught from the Book of Haggai, and shared God's heart to restore and revive His people, and resounded the call to build His church that brings glory to His name.

Other activities during the camp included orienteering, beach soccer, and a stroll to the traditional market to taste the local delicacies. Everyone participated in sweat, fun, laughter and close-knit relationships. The church also witnessed the water baptism of three people: A 15 year-old brother, and a mid-aged couple.

The church was encouraged to see how God touched the heart of the youth, who after years of following his mum to church, desired a deeper relationship with God, and encountered God through the filling of the Spirit. As for the couple, the husband is a dentist who runs a successful dental clinic. Though he does not lack financially, he was stressed and unhappy and his relationship with his wife and children was constantly tense. He could not find peace until he found Christ. His wife saw the change in her husband and saw that it was good, so she followed. The church witnessed their water baptism and celebrated together with great joy. Lives were touched and changed by God. New friends were made, and old friends bonded. God blessed and encouraged the church tremendously through this camp. All glory to the Lord!

Jessica Jen, Hope Taipei

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