Monday, November 23, 2015


Build Churches 

The third key priority is about building churches. In our HIM family, we emphasise building churches and planting churches. I want to say here clearly, it is not just about building churches. It is about building HEALTHY churches that is able to MULTIPLY itself. I want to emphasise to every one of us, that we must look at the health of our churches. 

We must ensure that we are not just establishing a church, whether it is a small, whether it is a medium-sized, whether it is a mega; we must continue to ensure that we have healthy churches. Healthy churches REPRODUCE churches, they reproduce healthy churches. We want to ensure that globally, as we plant churches everywhere, our churches are not just a church in itself, it is a church that multiplies into many other churches.

That’s what we’ve seen happening over the last 20 years. The churches that we have planted, whether it be in Indonesia, whether it be in Europe, they multiply. Hope Singapore has been an incredible example in the last few years: in the last 3 years, they’ve planted more churches than they’ve ever planted in the last 20 years. It’s because of their statement of fact to the people: EVERYONE CAN PIONEER, everyone can start ministry. So throughout these few years, they’ve seen churches and leaders grow in Africa, you know, in places that maybe I may not mention here, because it’s a healthy church that continues to multiply into many other churches.

I would like to encourage every one of us, trust God, believe the Holy Spirit to help us. It’s not by our own effort. Psalm 127 says, “…unless the Lord builds the house.” We want to bring God into the entire church planting process, church building process to make sure we have the power of God, we have the presence of God helping us. Don’t try to just do it by your own effort, your own intelligence or even your own experiences. We need God and it’s possible for us to continue to build healthy churches.

Pastor Simon Eng
HIM President

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