Monday, September 14, 2015


Hope Fest is Hope UK’s annual celebration. The recent one took place in York from 3-6 April 2015. With the theme In His Footsteps, the main focus was on how to become Jesus’ true disciples who follow the Master’s footsteps. Our aim should not just be believers but followers of Christ. 

His presence was so strong in the congregation as we started to pray and seek His face. Through the teachings, people were inspired and reminded that the road to salvation is a one-way road. There is no U-turn. The Lord amazingly touched people’s hearts, young and old alike. Many youths decided to offer their lives to God as a living sacrifice.

One of the favourite items was the interview, as different leaders shared about their experiences in following God. It is a path that is narrow and challenging but that is the only path we can choose as true believers.

Written by Ps Prakich Treetasayuth 

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