Monday, July 6, 2015


"It was a great GC. We really had a tremendous time in God. God spoke to so many of us, so we are really looking forward to 2020 because God’s prophetic word has gone forth. The anointing has come in so many different ways. We have already seen God doing exciting things in so many aspects. We know God is progressing us towards 2020 and beyond. So, we are really excited. We had a grand time with Pastor Rick Seaward and all the different testimonies about what God is doing and the different things he has laid on the different pastors’ hearts that we have been sharing."

Dr Wilson Lim, HIM Elder

"My name is Jerry. I am from Hope London. GC this year was very, very encouraging. There was a lot we learned from the past, reflecting on what God has been doing for the many years in the movement. It has been just wonderful seeing Him move in many signs and wonders, in many new places, being encouraged by our brothers and sisters who are all over the world. There was a conviction put in my heart to really go forward with God and really do our best to expand his kingdom on Earth. It is very exciting for the many years to come. The prophetic words God has spoken over us as a church, for the covering He is giving us. It is going to be a wonderful time just growing with our brothers and sisters and spreading God’s kingdom here on Earth."

Jerry, HIM London UK

"I am really excited about the direction that we are heading as a movement, specifically in the area of structuring for incredible growth. We are talking about having 1000 churches, we are talking about structuring for those regions and being able to know that we have a plan in place. I am also very excited about the fact that we have, as a movement, really reached into the thinking of effective structures that enable us to be adjustable and flexible depending upon the circumstances of the particular pastor, the region, the culture and the opportunities that are in all our different regions. Once again, I am excited to see what that is going to look like. I am excited to see how we are going to take advantage of all the different ways that we are learning about doing church planting and growing churches stronger and growing churches more healthy. So God bless you."

Pastor Lance Wolter, HIM Gold Coast Australia 

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