Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Hello friends. This is Pastor Ravi from India and this is my dear wife. We are both doing ministry in Hyderabad, India. I thank God for this HIM Global Conference which talks about the vision; rising in the vision – Vision 2020. It is a great blessing to me and my wife. It is a renewal of faith through this vision. God has been speaking to us for several years to plant more churches. By the grace of God, when I come to this place, I really revised my vision. The Lord is revealing new things, especially when we are here, God is re-flaming us through the new vision, to accomplish it in God’s way so we are going according to God’s will. 

I have been receiving the blessing through the different preachers: Pastor Simon, Pastor Rick, Pastor Wilson and Pastor Lai Ling. The teaching was awesome; renewal of faith, especially how we need to move further and plant more churches. I want to tell you one thing: this family gives us great strength and back support in faith and they are teaching us about how to be faithful in God in everything to accomplish God’s will. It is God’s vision we are implementing. I feel that we are managers in the kingdom, but God is the visionary and God is choosing us to fulfil his vision and to build his kingdom. I believe that by 2020, we are going to build more than 1000 churches across the world through HIM. I am glad that I am a part of HIM. Years back, the Lord gave me a vision to plant 20,000 churches. I do not know what or how I need to do that but I thank God that I met HIM. Several years back, I met Pastor Brendan. It was Brendan who invited me to be a part of HIM and all our 80 churches came together and we went under the umbrella of HIM.

Today, we have a great confidence and a great organisation and a great family who is taking us in the leadership to fulfil the vision of church planting. I believe in India we are going to do church planting; thousands of churches will come up in India to reach the unreached places. I believe that we are going to fulfil the Great Commission in every part and we are going with a great challenge to fulfil the Great Commission after Jesus Christ in our place. I thank God for this family. You know, I have been doing ministry for several years but I found fathers in this place in the Hope family. I know the leaders but today, I found fathers in the ministry.

I thank God for HIM. It is a great blessing. The moment I see that brothers and sisters in Christ from all over the world, it is like heaven and we are enjoying the presence of God here. Thank God for your prayers for our lives. I thank you so much all the leadership of HIM. I thank you so much for all the partners who is praying for us and standing with us and keep upholding us in your prayers so that we can do the better job in the kingdom of God. We need your prayer support and we need your fellowship. I thank God for this Vision 2020 and it is a really refreshing our minds and refresh our faith. We are going with a new vision and a new faith to our homeland to win souls for the King.

Pastor Ravi Sundar
HIM India 

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