Monday, June 22, 2015


This is Hope Centre's 4th year running Tuition with Love. This year, we have over 100 students from Primary 1 to 5 joining us and over 60 tutors volunteering their time. The kids we serve live in the Lavender area community (around the church vicinity). All of them come from families with lower income bracket in Singapore, with per capita income less than $650 per month.

Many children’s lives were uplifted through our efforts to strengthen them in the aspect of education and imparting of life skills and values in this programme. In the past year, on top of providing quality tuition at low or in some cases, no cost, we also brought the children out on outings, provide mentorship and in some cases brought them to know Christ. Through our acts of service and love, we have impacted not just the children, but also their family as well.

Moving ahead, we hope to journey with the children until they are in Primary 6 (aged 12), and continue to empower them through various activities as well. We are also exploring the possibility of providing study tables in collaboration with our corporate sponsor to help make the kids’ home a conducive place for their studies.

Check out Hope Centre website for more information

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