Monday, June 29, 2015


HIM Thailand organized its Life Training seminar No. 5 on 26-28 May in Chiangmai. HIM Thailand leaders have been keen on this seminar. On this occasion, there were 150 pastors and leaders, a significant increase from the 60 odd leaders who attended the first seminar two years ago. Holding it in HIM Chiangmai gave the opportunity for participants to mingle around and fellowship with one another in the relaxing environment. 

As we are focusing on planting churches, we want to make sure that our churches are vibrant and healthy. Hence, Pastor James Loke, Ajarn Chuchart and Ajarn Chaiyapreuk taught on issues of vibrant church growth, like those highlighted by Natural Church Development. Each participant was given the chance to evaluate the church or group one was leading. The thinking of each was challenged to see whether he or she could lead the church or group to a higher level, both in terms of quality and quantity. One key reminder was to empower leaders and to build into each church the process of continuing discipleship.

Written by Paula, HIM Chiang Mai

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