Thursday, April 12, 2018


Every nation of Christians has its challenges to overcome. Every generation of Christians has its opportunities to reveal Christ.

From 9 to 11 February, the Hope Singapore Africa Conference 2018 was held in Accra, Ghana, for some believers in Ghana, South Africa and Botswana. Pastor Michael, Stephen and Jingting from Hope Singapore, Ps Henry Sebata from Hope Johannesburg, South Africa and Mishael Offei from Hope Ghana were the speakers at the conference.

At the conference, we focused on how believers in Africa can make the most of the challenges and opportunities they are facing to advance the Gospel. We learnt how we can rely on the guidance and power of the Holy Spirit to do God's work. We encouraged one another to take ownership of the church and the Great Commission.

For the first time, we had an all-African worship team leading us to seek God with joy and earnestness. We also prayed for Nigerians within Hope Accra, asking God to start a Nigerian Life Group through them.

On the day before the conference, leaders went through a leadership training session and set their faith goals for the year. By God's grace, we're looking forward to at least 25 Life Groups in Africa by the end of 2018.

Instead of desiring to do great things for God, we want to do things for a great God. With this mindset, every challenge becomes a platform to honour God, and every opportunity becomes a privilege to serve Christ and His church.

The following are some encouraging by the testimonies about the conference:

“It’s been an awesome experience of the friendliness and the generosity of the Ghanaians. It’s been a time of hearing a timely word from the Lord that the reformed church will have a transformative impact on society. And it’s been an awesome time of worship. I’m refreshed.”

 - Ps Henry Sebata, Hope Johannesburg South Africa -

“My prayer is that my experiences so far will be everyone’s portion. Our kingdom business should never be the same. I’ve attended a series of conferences but this one is very close and clear. A statement I’ll never forget from Pastor Stephen is “We should rather give to the kingdom instead of always expecting from the kingdom”. I’m looking forward to the next one!”

- Beatrice Offei, Hope Accra, Ghana -

“Basically from a combination of all the sessions, I’ve come to understand that we’re prompted to trust God at all times. In the Kingdom of God, there’s nothing of less importance. Use whatever God has given you to speed the process of kingdom building. Everything in the kingdom of God adds value to the mission. I believe God that with this meeting, I’ll be able to revise and evaluate my progress back home in Botswana, in order to go in the right direction. I’ve seen how God has let churches grow so I’m hopeful. I won’t give up on what God has started.We are believing God for a greater impact Botswana.”

 -Richard, Botswana -

“The conference was a very powerful experience. Pastor Michael and Lerato gave me tips on how to prayer evangelize. In the coming days, I hope to be filled more with the Holy Spirit and to build a deeper relationship with God.”"'

-Steve, Hope Accra Ghana -

"This has been such an amazing experience. I came from Nigeria with the expectation of going back with a lot of wisdom and so far, so good,I’m thankful. Feels good to be back home with family."

-Pamela Alfred, Hope Accra, Ghana

“I truly love our African praise and worship. It just facilitates people into God’s presence very easily. It was wonderful doing prayer evangelism with my African brothers and sisters as well. It’s so good to see them impacting the community. Last but not least, I am moved by the vision of birthing Hope Nigeria this year and many other churches in all 56 countries of Africa and even in other countries of the world. Africa and Africans for Jesus!”

-Ps Michael Raditya, Hope Singapore -

 Written by: Chen Jingting, Hope Singapore

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