Monday, July 11, 2016


Hello, my name is Steve Mark. I am from Hope Norway in Haugesund. I am pastoring 60 members in Hope Haugesund. I started joining Hope Movement since 2006. I remembered that Pastor Tor from Hope Oslo invited me to a life group, and that was how I started in the Hope Movement. Since I moved to Haugesund, we started a small life group with 6 members, and we also started this church in the community in Haugesund. Since this church started small as a life group, we begin to start reaching out to other people there, especially some of our colleagues and some of the locals there as well. That is how we started to grow as a church. 

In 2013, Pastor Dexter challenged me to start this service in Suede because we were not able to accommodate all the members in one house. At that time, they continuously mentor us on how we could disciple other people and plant other churches in some other city state around Haugesund. Right now, I am here in GC (Global Conference), and I am actually so excited this year because we have the goal to reach 100 members in Hope Haugesund. Here in GC, the theme is “Multiply”, and I am really blessed in this GC because it really helps me on how we could achieve this goal with the help of God, and with the help of the system that I have learned here in GC.. So, that is my story and this is our goal for Hope Haugesund in Norway.

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