Monday, June 20, 2016



Hi, I am Soradej from Hope Philippines. I thank God for the privilege to do mission in Myanmar again. Why? Because in the past I also oversee Myanmar and pioneer churches there with the local people and with my friend. For more than 10 years I didn’t go to Myanmar because I moved to Philippines. But praise God – this happened only just last week. I went there for their camp, I could see that more people have come to the Lord! When we first started, it was only just 1 church, but now there are 8 churches altogether! 

They are praising God and studying the Word of God together. I asked the leaders to send me the statistics, and we found out that there are 149 adults and more than 30 kids there. Amazingly, God really touched the people there. They really focus and pay attention to the Word of God. I could see that the leaders really have a heart for God to fulfill the Great Commission by planting churches and helping the people there to know God more.

God opened doors in Myanmar, including Yangon (Myanmar’s old capital) where our camp was held, and now we have churches in many cities all over Myanmar. More people are coming to the Lord – the young, the old, and even the business people. This is the move of the Spirit in Myanmar and guides us to joy. In the next few months I will go to Myanmar again to build up and train the leaders of H.I.M. churches in Thailand together with Pastor Chuchart. We will support them in spiritually and in everything they need, especially training so that we can have more local people rising up to serve God together.

Thank God for this privilege and His blessing! In fact, in this camp, we not only taught on training the leaders, we also taught on “Vision and Philosophy”. Pastor Prayuth trained them on how to worship, how to lead praise and worship sessions, how to use music, and how to sing to the Lord. Everyone enjoyed the teaching and learned more about praise and worship. Now they are able to move on to the spiritual realm more! Even though they came from a religious background that focus more on law, but now they have freedom to praise and worship God, and live out lives of the Fruit of the Spirit! The life of Christ increases in their lives. They are able to raise up more people too. People are amazed at how their lives have changed.

Miracles are happening there, not just physical healing, but the Holy Spirit also moves in different dimension and in different areas of their lives too, even in the business field. Another thing that I am amazed by is their business! The leaders are able to do some business that I cannot even imagine. For example, they sell computerized embroidery machines. These machines are very costly, but they are able to make a market out of it there, because God blessed them. Our God is faithful and He supplies and provides everything that they need. That is why the work in Myanmar can continue to grow and enlarge more. Praise God!

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