Monday, May 2, 2016


We often hear statements like: “I hope that this would happen...I hope that tomorrow would be a better day…” 

‘Hope’ may often sound like a futile wish in a world where disappointments, discouragements and disasters happen frequently. However, with the death of Jesus and His resurrection, ‘hope’ takes on the meaning of an anchor that is firm, secure, and lasting.

This Easter, on 26 and 27 March, with a combination of dance, videos, songs and stories, Hope Church Singapore presented ‘The Case for Hope’.

While the dance illustrated the story of man looking for a better tomorrow, the video depicted various perspectives on hope. There was a monologue that showed the parallels between the responses of people in biblical and modern days when they lost hope.

This set the stage for a stirring sermon about why Jesus would always be our unfailing hope. We also featured two moving testimonies of Hope members who found hope in Jesus under trying circumstances.

A power trip occurred in the youth service during altar call. The screen went blank and the sound system was wonky for a good 10 minutes. Despite the technical glitches, the audience didn’t stop worshipping God. In fact, their praises became louder. They cheered and sang unto Him with the assurance of a hope that would not disappoint and a love that would never fail.

At our various services during the Easter weekend, the Holy Spirit touched the hearts of many. Nearly 300 took the step of faith to place their hope in the Lord. All glory to God! Praise Him!

Written by Hope Singapore

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