Monday, February 22, 2016


Hope Tokyo held their 2015 Christmas celebrations on the 27th of Dec 2015. Using the theme "The Reason for Christmas", we invited many of our friends to come celebrate with us. Since most of us are university students, the majority of our visitors were also university students, coming from a diverse number of countries ­ Iran, US, China, India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam etc. Of course, we also had Japanese friends in our midst. 

In total, we had 45 people in attendance. One highlight of the celebration was the fluorescent hand show, performed to the song ³He is the reason². Even though no one made the decision to accept Jesus as their personal Lord and Saviour, many were touched by the message of Christmas.

Several friends approached the brothers and sisters after the service to thank them gratefully for the invitation and having the opportunity to be a part of our Christmas celebration. We believe the seed of the gospel was sowed in many hearts that day and if we continue to trust in God, pray faithfully and reach out to our friends, one day, they will join us in the kingdom of God. All glory to God!

Written by Chenglip Fong, Hope Tokyo

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