Monday, January 25, 2016


When was the last time you received a handwritten letter from a loved one or a close friend? Remember how touched you were when you read a love note from your spouse, or the joy you felt on getting a letter from your best friend who lived miles away? 

In our Christmas 2015 celebration, which took place on 19th and 20th December, Hope Church Singapore tapped and expressed the profound experience of letter writing. We had an amazing musical drama – “To You, With Love” – that portrayed the pursuit of love in various ways. The production, with its captivating characters and hilarious storyline set in an imaginary letter writing company, was a hit with the audience.

Senior Pastor Jeff gave a passionate sermon about the love of God. He highlighted the reason why Jesus had to come to earth as a man. “Jesus was born to die. We are born and we die. There is a big difference,” he explained. This was followed by a stirring video about a letter from God that professed His priceless and extravagant love for us. We also had a moving song presentation that reminded us that God chose to love us first.

Our Christmas celebration wouldn’t have happened without the willing and serving hearts of many brothers and sisters. They poured in months of planning, many nights of rehearsals, countless prayers and their wonderful talents to make it a success.

The celebration also wouldn’t be the same without brothers and sisters who made the beautifully designed invitation card; the ushers; those who controlled the lights, sound and media; and many other volunteers who contributed in various ways. God worked through His church to touch the hearts of pre-believers on both days. Many of them boldly came forward and expressed their desire to follow Jesus into a new life. Praise the Lord!

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