Friday, January 1, 2016


On June 5 and 12, 2016, members of Hope Philippines Church were blessed by our brother and sister Mel and Eva Arcena from Victory Christian Fellowship Imus. The couple shared their stories and insights regarding stewardship, the true meaning of prosperity, and proper financial management through the seminar entitled “Life Skills on Finance.” 

In the first part, they laid down some important foundations that every Christian must keep in mind when handling resources. They began by talking about how money relates to us and to God. Everyone was reminded that God is the Owner and Provider of everything and we are stewards as well as His children.

Next, they gave some practical tips on where to begin proper management of finances. The first step was to get out and stay out of debt. One can begin by paying off existing debt, even little by little until everything has been paid. We must not tolerate debt and strive to stay out of it. Next, we were encouraged to live below our means rather than within our means because it would give room for savings. The last step is to invest in the future.

It doesn’t stop there. Managing our finances is just a step, because we must take it further by living a lifestyle of generosity. We are blessed by God so that we may be blessings to others. For us to begin blessing others, we must begin by giving back to the Lord a tenth of everything. After this, we must learn to be content and grateful for what we have, not being stingy but ready to receive and let go of what God gives us. Lastly, we must have a lifestyle of sowing and reaping not only in the area of money, but in every area of our lives as well.

Many things were imparted throughout the two days about finances but I believe that a line said during the seminar would encapsulate much of it: “Prosperity is not earned by the ability to earn and keep money; it is by generosity.” God, the source of everything we have, is Himself generous, and we, as His children, should aim to emulate this same characteristic.

By: Czarina Ysabel Obligacion-Bernardo, Hope Philippines Church - San Juan

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