Monday, December 21, 2015


Children are a blessing from God. God has given to parents, spiritual leadership and responsibility over their children. Though we are imperfect parents, yet the Lord would encourage us to be praying parents, relying upon Him; Him being the Perfect Father who loves us and desires to guide us as we raise up our children. 

Psalms 25:14 reminds us that “The Lord confides in those who fear Him, He makes His covenant known to them.”. It is through that daily connection with God that we receive His guidance, counsel and wisdom in developing our children in God’s ways. The communication channel is often by prayer! 

God’s Word, reminds us in Lamentations 2:19 to pour out our heart like water in God’s Presence, to commit the lives of our children to God. There is such power as we work hand in hand with God to input into the lives of our children.

Over the years, I have enjoyed connecting with God in praying for my children. May I offer the following suggestions in prayer. Praying helps us to keep our focus on God and in entrusting the lives of our children to the safe hands of God, who loves them with an unfailing love.

Regular Prayer

Firstly, let’s pray regularly before God rather than the “God, help us” prayer. May I encourage all parents to develop that consistent relationship with God. As parents, we set the pace for our children in life. They would seek to emulate us from a young age. Why don’t we show them through our lives, the joy of relating with Jesus through prayer?

Creative Prayer 

Secondly, let’s pray creatively instead of mundane prayers. God is a creative God and He shall surely endow upon us all the creative ways to pray for our children. Previously, I have embarked on a journey of praying each fruit of the Spirit to be developed in our lives as a family. For example the fruit of the Spirit of “Love”; we prayed on the aspects of Loving God, Loving fellow believers, Loving pre-believers, Loving God’s Word, Love that is patient, Love that is kind, Love that is forgiving. We prayed the different aspects of God’s love for a month, before embarking to the next fruit of the Spirit. By doing so, we are also praying Scriptures into the lives of our family, that we may follow God’s ways!

Pray With Kingdom Authority

Thirdly, let’s pray with Kingdom authority rather than “Que Sera Sera” prayers. Life in God is purposeful; it is not living by chance. We are also involved in spiritual warfare. Therefore, as parents, let’s take up our stand as believers in Christ to cover our family. If there is something that is troubling our children, then let’s bind it in Jesus’ Name and speak God’s authority into that special situation.

Matthew 18:18 (NIV) 18 “Truly I tell you, whatever you bind on earth will be[a] bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.

C & C Prayer

Fourthly, let’s pray a “C&C” (Character and Conviction) prayer rather than just” be successful” prayers. It is fine to pray that our children would do well in studies, sports, music, etc. However, when we pray “C&C” prayers, we are believing God to develop godly character and biblical convictions in our children. Character and conviction help develop and establish the life of a person. I am sure we would desire our children to develop into purposeful and responsible adults in God. In conclusion, let’s press on in being praying parents. Our Father in Heaven is always here, waiting to inspire us, to guide and to counsel us! May God Bless you in your prayer journey with Jesus! Praying with you,

Ps Lai Ling Lim
Hope Church, Brisbane 

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