Monday, December 28, 2015


26th to 29 November 2015 marked the 20th year that Hope Malaysia has organized its Malaysia National Convention (MNC). This year’s convention had a very engaging and relevant theme, which was “PIONEER”. The theme Pioneer signifies the great possibilities of God’s guidance and provision for His kingdom’s expansion. It is also meant to inspire Hope Malaysia that though the past 20 years have been good, God will do even greater things through us in the years to come. This year’s MNC gathered churches from all over West and East Malaysia to seek His presence and glorify His name at the MCA Hall in Kuala Lumpur. This time around saw 1500 adult participants and 200 children participants gather in unity. 

The opening night of MNC 2015 saw participants worship God and was inspired by a message by Ps Denis Lu from Hope Kuching. Ps Denis encouraged participants that we were made to pioneer since God Himself is a pioneer. As God reaches out to the lost, we the church should follow his footsteps. 

The second session was a great session with a passionate and awakening message by Ps. Dr. Chew Weng Chee, the Senior Pastor of a church named SIB KL. Ps Chew encouraged to church to arise again, to wake up to God’s call for us to be His hands and feet. He left the congregation with a word that God is rising hope in our Hope churches again and that our church will do even greater things for Him.

The third session was a very personal message by Ps Lim Gee Tiong who is a professional singer as well as the Senior Pastor of Blessed Church in Kuching. Ps Lim inspired many by sharing his life story of humble beginnings and how God used his whole life to touch others. He also encouraged everyone that pioneering may not be something huge, but it could also mean doing something that they have never done before.

Participants were also greatly encouraged by Ps Jeff Chong from Hope Singapore who shared the stories of normal people who dared to pioneer for God in his church. Ps Jeff encouraged everyone to shine His light no matter who we are and where we are. He taught the participants that to be a pioneer for God in Malaysia, we need to love Malaysia and be very intentional.

The last session of MNC 2015 was a very special session. The President of HIM, Ps Simon Eng preached about the pioneering culture that must be taught and caught. He challenged the congregation keep on persevering and trying even though we have failed many times. The sermon ended when Ps Simon invited all the pastors and coordinators to pray for the people. Many went up to be prayed and were given words of knowledge and prophecy. It was the highlight of the convention where God himself spoke in a personal way. Needless say there were teary eyes as people were encouraged and touched by the Holy Spirit. The convention ended with a choir and orchestra from Hope Kuala Lumpur (Mandarin). This performance in itself was encouraging the congregation to pioneer as the many of the singers and musicians were business men and women whose lives have been transformed.

There were workshops for different groups based on their age. The workshops were relevant as well as engaging people’s interest. Lastly, MNC 2015 would not have been made possible without the months’ worth of selfless sacrifice and effort of the organizing team from Hope Kuala Lumpur.

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