Monday, October 19, 2015


Never Let Them Go! 

Regarding discipleship-making, I had to learn this whole thing myself because for the first 20 years of my Christian living, no one taught me. I knew disciple-making was what Jesus emphasised but no one really practically did it. I had to learn and I must say I was a reasonably fast learner. Now, I still consistently disciple people because I believe it is a valuable part of raising people to MATURITY. 

When I first started shepherding and mentoring people, I would make appointments to see Christians or see my people at 7 am. If they couldn’t make it, I would say, “How about 8:30, 8.00 am?” If they really couldn’t make it, I would say, “How about 8:30pm?” I would chase after them, I REFUSED TO LET THEM GO because I was passionate about discipling people. For those who really couldn’t make it at 8:30 pm, you know, I would say, “Let’s make a 12 am, midnight appointment, spend an hour with me.” I made it attractive enough that they were willing to come together with me. I shared with them the Word of God, I prayed for them about their life, I prayed for them about their journey, I prayed for their job, I prayed for their family. It was a really HOLISTIC time whereby they knew they benefited from the session together with us. We experienced God, we prayed and we believed the Scriptures.

So dear brothers and sisters, disciple-making must be a high priority. It’s been like that in my life. Today I Skype with leaders overseas. I FOLLOW THROUGH; I consistently WRITE DOWN what I mentor with them, what they shared with me, so that I follow through on this process. I want to encourage you, take up this practical challenge: keep a real CONSISTENT time with our people and bless them through our mentoring and shepherding and disciple-making process. As they begin to really see the benefit and enjoy this session, they will grow. When we do our disciple-making well, our disciple, our mentee will prosper, will flourish and I love to see that happen.

Pastor Simon Eng
HIM President

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