Monday, August 24, 2015


A Father is a child’s first super hero. A daughter would usually look up to her dad as her protector and would desire to marry someone like her dad someday. A son would emulate his father and be his inspiration as he grows up and eventually have his own family. 

Earthly Fathers have a great role to play in raising up his family the best way he knows. But Spiritual Fathers have an even greater role especially in nurturing and discipling this fatherless generation. As the world celebrated Father’s Day, HIM-BKK Oasis Church also gave tribute to all the dads and soon-to-be dads in the church. The Kids in Motion (KIM) expressed how well they know their dads by picking out their dads correctly from a group of pictures showing only the eyes of their fathers.

Pastor Mayette encouraged the congregation with a powerful teaching about the different kinds of fathers in the Bible - Abraham, Jephthah, Hezekiah and David. Some of them have been obedient to the Lord resulting in blessings not only for themselves but for their families as well. On the other hand, those who were careless or wicked in their ways eventually led to tragedies.

Earthly fathers will always have limitations and shortcomings no matter how hard they try. But Praise God, because of what Jesus had done, everyone who received Him in their lives were given the right to become Children of God! We are no longer orphans but we have a Heavenly Father who knows, understands and loves us. He is able to provide everything that our earthly fathers cannot give.

1 John 3:1a See what kind of love the Father has given to us, that we should be called children of God; and so we are.

By Liza, HIM Oasis Church

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