Monday, July 20, 2015


Hi, my name is Prakich and I am from Hope Leeds, the United Kingdom. I would like to thank the Lord for this Global Conference, Vision 2020; especially on the first morning when we heard the prophecy from the servants of God, the Christiansens. In fact, I heard it firsthand in 2010, in Melbourne – that was five years ago. To be honest, at that time, I felt like it was far removed from what we were at that time and I could not see how this prophecy was going to be fulfilled. I have read through that prophecy a few more times after that but this is the time when I could see many, many parts of the prophecy were fulfilled amazingly. I was so thrilled to see how God can work miraculously and He can work beyond your imagination so I really want to thank God for that.

Fulfilling Prophecy

I would like to give you just two examples of what has been fulfilled. The prophecy said, “be careful not to follow trends of tradition that worked in previous seasons but be discerning in relation to what new trends that God has called you to initiate and establish for the furtherance of the movement in the coming days that are ahead.” Especially, I would say in Hope Europe, it has been quite a few years that we have moved away from the traditional ways of doing church because we want to contextualise our approach to make it fit to the culture. Because of that, we have seen loads of fruits and more people coming into the kingdom of God.

House churches in Europe 

What I can see in the last five years was, it did not happen in one country but each country has its own way of doing church and it is different from the traditional way of doing church. For example, in some churches, they do the house church model. Even the house church model in one country can be different from the house church model in another country. In Norway, for the past, almost, three years, they tried street church: meaning they just put up a tent by the street and just invite anyone, passers-by, to just come in. The first, maybe, two years, there was no fruit. People came in but no conversions. People just came to attack the Christian faith but we have seen God’s blessing. In the past few months, those people that used to attack us: they kind of now support us and I believe they are on the way to becoming Christians. That is a really, really great testimony that when you are faithful, you do not give up, and eventually you will see the blessing that comes from God.

Community Awards 

Another part of the prophecy says, “I saw a community awards given out in different parts of the nation and the nations because of the work that you were doing.” Within this GC, I heard a testimony from Hope Kuching about how the Lord blessed them as they were, if I am not mistaken, one of the first churches that set up a charity to do community work. Just perhaps within, one or two weeks after they set up, they received an award. This happened just recently and this is a fulfilment of this prophecy and I believe that more is yet to come.

Pastor Prakich
Hope Leeds, UK

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