Monday, February 27, 2012


Greetings HIM Family! It is a great joy to communicate my heart with you once again.

Speaking the truth

I have been thinking a lot recently. One thought was about speaking the truth to our church and our people. Jesus says, "You will know the truth and the truth will set you free." We know that the Bible contains the truth of the Word of God and that as we proclaim the truth, as we preach the truth, our people will hear the truth and the Holy Spirit will also continue to plant and consolidate this truth in our people's lives. Perhaps we are already preaching the Word, perhaps we have been sharing our thoughts and ideas, but I want us to continue to dwell on this aspect of letting truth become a quickened truth, a quickened revelation to each one of us as well. It is impactful – such that it is life-giving, and through the Holy Spirit, continues to speak the truth to our people.

[Malaysia National Convention - Kuching]

The truth from the Word of God that is quickened to our people – they will receive the truth and faith will arise. They will receive the truth and love will be created in their hearts as well. They will receive the truth and the truth will set them free to another dimension in God. Continue to meditate on this thought and as we preach the Word, as we lead our people, I want to believe the Holy Spirit will continue to quicken the truth of the Word of God and give that to our people in the season that is right for our people as well. Dwell on this and continue to let that truth get across to our people as well.

Making changes for the better

The second thought that I have been dwelling on is about when we evaluate our churches, evaluate our people, evaluate our programs this year, as we are already in February, I am thinking that "changes that need to be made - changes". Perhaps we have been doing things the same old way for years and getting the same results. You know it already – doing the same things, in the same way, will, of course, give us the same results. Can I encourage every one of us that you start looking at how you have been doing things, evaluate together how we have been doing things and I want to encourage you, be courageous to make the changes. Speak a fresh word to our church, to our people, as we continue to seek the Lord.

[Hope Singapore Conference]

Reaching and engaging the community

In our recent Global Conference, where we mentioned about being missional, a missional community, a missional church, I feel challenged and inspired again by this fresh word that we have been doing church and waiting for people to come to church. We prepare our programs, we do so many wonderful things, but we fail to actively go out there and engage the community. Instead of just waiting for them to come, the change in being missional means that we have to actively go out to see how we can be relevant, how our programs will actually be attractive to the community.

[Community Christmas Event - Hope Brisbane, Australia]

Of course, we all know this very well, but for the many years as I think about church, it is always been prepare the church, and let the people come. Yes, it is correct - we prepare the church but we must also actively go out and continue to interact with the community, being relevant and really being able to touch the community as well. So I am encouraging us to really courageously seek God and be able to make changes believing that it will be a fresh touch to our church, mobilizing our people and going out there to touch the community.

Believe God for a fruitful year

So brothers, sisters and regular members of HIM, I want to encourage us that as we embark on this year, continue with these two thoughts: speak the truth courageously, speak the truth and let it set our people free, let our people rise up with the truth; and continue to make the changes that need to be made – changes, even to the team, that has to happen. Bring in the people that the Holy Spirit is prompting you to bring in. Perhaps you never thought of that person. Do something that you have never thought about, but seek God and I really believe God will continue to give us a wonderful, fruitful year and a fruitful season that we are preparing to move the church forward as well.

May God continue to be with us. Continue in strength with the Lord. Continue in fruitfulness with the Lord. And until the next time I communicate with you, God bless you and God's strength be with each one of us. Amen.

Pastor Simon Eng
President of HIM

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