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Hello everyone!

My name is Sebastian Unger. I am from Germany. I used to be a regional leader
in the Hope Germany network and I am undergoing major changes with my family. We are actually going to relocate to Paris in June 2012.

We have been pioneering house churches all over the region of Saxony and Bavaria and finally, God called us out to take the next step of faith and go to France. This was not a sudden move; last year, I was craving for answers, praying together with my regional leadership team - great people, great friends of mine - and we were praying and God did not speak.

Receiving the vision for Paris, France

Therefore, I came to the last Global Conference in Chiang Mai and I was desperate for God to speak. I was desperate for God to give us answers. In addition, the only thing I knew when I arrived in Thailand was that God is sending us through a tunnel where we would develop a sense of longing, a sense of wanting God to speak. Finally, different people approached me, including Ps. Lai Ling from Brisbane, and Ps. Simon and others, some of whom have not known me before, and they prophesied over me and they were indicating that God is going to start a new pioneering process again.

So I went back home and said, "God thank you for the inspiration, but what is it really, practically speaking?"

Landing in Paris in June 2012

So sometime during my quiet time in the morning, God started speaking to me directly as He only has done three or four times during my entire life. It was really clear and it really stuck out to me. "I want you to go to Paris in 2012, with your family. I want you to use your summer vacation to explore the city. I want you to start with a week of evangelism", which we were actually planning already, "And I want you to leave full-time ministry and start as a tentmaker again."

So I went back home. I shared with my wife. She confirmed the impression after a week of prayer. In addition, suddenly all my leaders that I was sharing this vision with, immediately agreed; which was really surprising because I expected many of them to be actually skeptical. It was amazing to receive all this confirmation; from the German leadership team, my mentor, Ps. Marcus, Ps. Simon, Ps. Prakich. Therefore, it was crystal clear – this obviously is God's work in our lives, so, we are going.

Therefore, we are in the middle of preparing: taking French lessons, delegating our work.
So many people under our care have taken over our responsibilities and we have explored the city twice. One was with the whole family for our summer “vacation" trip – it was actually more ministry than vacation. However, that was really exciting. We have been there again and we are planning on having two more trips before we are going to relocate in mid-June.

Partner with us through your prayers

In addition, as you can imaging, this is not just a Rambo experience; it is something that we, from Hope Germany, want to do as a movement. As something that we are in together. This is were it comes to your part. I would like to challenge you to support us. I would like to take this new church, this startup experience in Paris, in France to your prayer meetings, to your quiet time, because it is necessary. We feel not well equipped enough to do it on our own. It is a spiritual thing. It is something you have to work through with God and wrestle through with God. So please pray for us. Pray that God will show us the right job, the right place to find work, the right schools for our children. I trust that God is going to do that - He is going to take care of all the practical issues that are involved in the project.

Forming a church planting team

Please first and foremost pray that we would see what spiritual steps we have to take. What is the right strategy? What to do first? What to do last? Please pray for a good team and this is where you might want to ask God yourself, "Is it me?" Is something stirring inside of you? Is there something telling you that you should consider relocating as well. Therefore, I would like to challenge you, maybe you are not going to Paris, but maybe this is something that stirs something in you telling you to move on with God and start pioneering again as well.

In case you happen to feel that you might consider coming with us, you might want to talk to your leader, care group leader, unit leader, pastor or just send me an email ( So send me an email and let me know what was on your heart. Please also consult with your leaders. If you are a leader, consult with your regional pastors so that I can get proper information and we can get in touch directly.

So thank you for your time. Thank you for listening to this and let us really hang in there together and praise God and trust God that He is going to bring about what He wants to bring about with us.

Write to Sebastian Unger for more information about church planting in Paris, France.
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