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This is a new year. Just as we start this year, I pray that we are refreshed in our body, spirit and soul. As I reflected the year 2011, I found myself coming back to what CATALYSE is all about. I found one CATALYSE write-up that was both refreshing and convicting. At the end of day, it is about building infrastructure so that we can be more effective as a global church-planting movement.

One portion of the write-up reads as follows:-
  • CATALYSE arose in the light of these identified inadequacies that must be confronted.
  • CATALYSE depicts change, where a matter undergoes a transformation.
  • CATALYSE is our first ever master plan for a global movement spanning 40 countries.
  • CATALYSE develops an overarching direction that aligns our family of churches to recapture our cutting edge as a global movement.

During the recent Missional Global Conference in Chiang Mai from 10-13 January this year, Pastor Ben KC Lee, the Chairman of the Strategic Planning Team, gave an update on the progress of CATALYSE. His message was divided into five parts:
  • Where are we now?
  • What happened?
  • What’s next?
  • 2012 Nurture
  • Help needed
The following is a reproduction of this message.

First he took the audience on a short journey through Year one of CATALYSE.

Where are we now?

CATALYSE is a five-year change process from 2011 to 2015. We set out with 6 priorities, supported by 16 initiatives. Now one year in the five-year window has passed.

What happened?

In January 2011, CATALYSE was successfully launched during the Passion Global Conference in Chiang Mai. Our Initiative leaders were commissioned. Then the Initiative leaders and Team members met up a day after the GC, for their first-ever Initiative meeting.

Our Intranet portal, which contains resources for pastors and leaders have gone live. The populating of the intranet is ongoing. At this juncture, there are various materials such as mentoring resources, leadership training manuals, Word for Life / CDS / Bible School resources and many more. Currently, we also have some Mandarin and Bahasa Malaysia materials on the Intranet too. In the future, we also hope to house a collection of materials in other languages, to resource our churches from different parts of the world.

In the year 2011, we also made good progress with the prophetic equipping track. Two of the largest churches in Malaysia, Hope Kuala Lumpur and Hope Kuching have implemented the 3-track prophetic equipping with good solid teaching coupled with practical activation. Feedback from leaders who were trained in this prophetic equipping track is positive. We hope that this prophetic equipping can be extended to churches in the HIM family.

In addition, we were also active in our networking efforts with other movements and apostles. HIM Elders and several Regional Pastors connected with leaders of other movements such as Pastor Sunday Adelaja of Embassy of God, Ukraine; Pastor Ed Silvoso of Harvest Evangelism, Rev Dr Rick Seaward of Victory Family Centre, Singapore and Pastor Phil Pringle of C3 Church, Australia among others. This initiative is also evident in our 2011 with external speakers in every GC.

Two position papers were drafted last year. We hope to present the next draft to the Regional Pastors soon for discussion and debate.

The change-process called CATALYSE has started. There are green shoots.

That all sounds good but is anyone biting? Our national church in Germany is on board. You’ll get to read Germany’s CATALYSE story this March 2012 in HIM’s 3rd Anniversary newsletter.

What’s next?

We have seen green shoots in year 2011. This year in 2012, we will continue to nurture what has been planted.

2012 Nurture

This year, our HIM Strategic Planning Team (SPT) hopes to handover some projects to HIM staff. The SPT and Initiative teams are the scaffolding to the permanent structure that is being built. In the long run, we will have a Global Management Team to continue to build on the infrastructure and most importantly, to support our global church-planting efforts.

This year we will also focus on 10 of the 16 initiatives. Three initiatives will be given a bit more focus. They are the Church Health Assessment System, Discipleship Roadmap and Re-tooling Leaders. Acceleration budget will also be allocated for Discipleship Roadmap and Global Polity.

Help Needed

The road ahead is long. There are also pitfalls.

Wondering how you can be of help? You can help with the following:-
  1. Pray for the NURTURING of the change process.
  2. Encourage leaders in your care serving in Initiative teams to progress. This is because all teams are virtual and our leaders are already busy. The challenge is to invest on hour a week into this change process.
  3. Recommendations for the recruitment of Global Management Team. Let us know if the Lord has put a burden in your heart.
We thank you for your support and prayers. Let the change process called CATALYSE continue!

Nicola Song heads the CATALYSE Strategic Planning Team Secretariat. She also heads our Corporate Communications in HIM. In this article, she reports the January 2012 CATALYSE update presented by Pastor Ben KC Lee at the recent GC in Chiang Mai.

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